kick pedal trigger

The quietest kick solution

  • almost absolutely silent
  • less vibrations to the floor
  • no need for a kick drum
  • similar feel to your regular pedal
  • can be used for any other foot triggering (cowbells, effects, etc)
  • flawless heel-toe technique
  • excellent for blasts
  • move your pedal wherever you want
  • fits all pedals with clamps (single and double)
53 €

Perfect kick for electronic drums

Have an electronic drums kit? Why would you need a kick drum? Really, why?
If you chose to have a silent drum kit (the main purpose of electronic drums), why would you want to have a kick drum, along with a kick pedal beater? They are the noisiest and the most vibrating part of the kit!

Trigger your kick without hitting it

Krigg™ (patent pending) is a noiseless, compact bass drum pedal trigger for electronic drums built on the PedalMount™ construction (patent pending), which enables you to trigger the kick without hitting it. Works with Roland (v-drums), Yamaha, Pearl, ATV, Alesis, 2box, Megadrum and all other electronic drum modules (even with Rock Band).

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3 easy steps to mount your krigg

  1. Position the krigg in your pedal, while making sure the pedal's footplate can hit the krigg.
  2. Clamp the krigg in the pedal.
  3. Connect it to the module.

That's it. You got a new bass drum! Super-quiet and compact!

You can adjust the height of the krigg's trigger box by releasing the wing nut and then tighening it at the wanted height.

Note: To further reduce the noise (and even improve the feel) you can place a piece of furniture felt on the krigg's rubber (where it gets kicked by the pedal's footplate).

Want to use 2 kriggs on one module input?

Sure you can. You just need our YM Cable.

What Users Say About Krigg

  1. happy_tom (review found on v-drums forum)

    Sold the kd85 and bought the krigg, nearly £100 profit too.
    It is just right.
    It feels like I always hoped it would.
    It feels perfect.
    It just feels right. I don't really know what else to say.
    I love it.
    I wonder what is the preferred kick pedal with krigg users.
    I have a dw9000, which is lovely, however that chain hits the trigger which is not ideal but, like somebody else mentioned, I put a chair leg protector pad thingy on the krigg. Works great.
    Thanks triggera.
    Who knew something so small could make me this happy.
    Removing the beater is quite liberating actually.

  2. John Maher (original Buzzcocks drummer; via email)

    The Krigg is working great. At first it felt a little odd not having a beater physically striking a drum head but after using the Krigg for a while, it feels completely normal. It saves so much time and effort compared to setting up a conventional kick trigger. My bass drum now serves as nothing other than a mount for the top tom and ride cymbal - but importantly (for me at least), the kit looks 'right' with a proper bass drum in place.

  3. Lennert (via email)
    Thank you for everything!! This product is GREAT!!!
    Build quality:
    This thing is build like a rock. A simplified design, but very handy! I use a Pearl pedal, and it won't fit at the first time. What I did I used a little piece of foamrubber. And now it fits perfectly.
    Setup is very easy, and plays great. The trigger is really sensiitve and very responsive to my TD4 soundmodule!
    Value for money:
    Definitly a great choice!! I have a wooden floor and I didn't feel vibrations while testing it.
    Triggera is a great company they'll provide the best service! There were some delivery problems, it was send back to the postoffice. The cause: My housenumbers wasn't available on the package. Triggera did everything to trace my package and had contact with the postoffice and the airport. I was very pleased and very happy with this service and good care of triggera. At the end they'll send me a new one with the correct adress information. It was allready arrived in 3 a 4 days. (I wasn't at home so I had to wait till the next day). Now I have it and I'm really happy with it. Also the package is very well packed!
  4. Tatsuya (via email)
    I received the Krigg unit on May 31, which was a bit quicker than I expected. The product is great! The main reason for choosing Krigg was to keep the peace with my apartment neighbors downstairs while pounding on my Roland TD-4KP-S kit.

    I tried the rather expensive Roland KT-10 kick trigger just a week earlier with mixed results (well built, but it still causes a great deal of thumping on the floor), but the vibrations caused by the Krigg aren't too different from my tapping on the floor with my bare feet.

    You really should try to promote your kick pedal triggers in Japan - for drummers in cramped apartments, the pedal is a boon. The beaterless kick pedal included in Roland's HD-3 electronic kit is one of the reasons for the kit's popularity (and Roland does not sell them separately), so their next best alternative is the KT-10. As nice as the product is, it's far from silent.

  5. OpposingMotion (review found on v-drums forum)

    Just a quick heads up after I bought two v3 Kriggs from Triggera. First of all, like many before I must highlight the absolute professionalism and friendliness of the company's staff. My order was processed rapidly and efficiently, I was updated at every step and the guys were very responsive to help me troubleshoot a small cabling problem (nothing to do with the product!) when the gear arrived. I had almost forgotten what customer-centric companies were like and it was a real pleasure to deal with Triggera.

    Now onto the kriggs themselves. My problem was two fold :

    1) typical flat situation with angry downstairs neighbours and newborn baby that did not get used to drumming and
    2) a burning desire to get rid of my KD9 pad that I bought after the KD8 foam went. The KD9 feels horrible to me, bouncy, unstable and very noisy as well. I am a light hitter and the damn stuff just wouldn't stay in place, partly due to the fact I suspect that I am using Axis A longboards and their weird off-axis clamping system..never managed to find a good solution with the KD9.

    I actually felt the KD9 was badly affecting my foot technique. I play mainly prog/speed/heavy metal and this was frustrating as hell - A quick work out on the acoustic kit confirmed that my feet were ok and the pad was to blame.

    So I read here about the krigg after thinking about building a riser etc. been using them for recording on own material and on clients stuff and, although it's still the honeymoon phase I must say I am delighted!

    First of all volume wise, these things are quiet! Granted they're not silent and the clicking noise and transfer to floor is still there but quiet enough that my partner now complains about the mesh pad noise and cymbal impact noise where before she was not noticing idea if the neighbours are happier but since I have been playing a lot these past few days and I didn't have anyone ringing the bell with a baseball bat, I will assume they are!

    In terms of feel and playing, the kriggs feel surprisingly natural to play. I am still in the middle of the dilemma - do I keep the beaters on the pedals (I find I am used to them and my technique is adjusted to them, their weight actually helps with speed and heel-toe on a light pedal like the Axis) or remove them (would be keen to hear others on that). Anyway it was very quick to get fast-ish 180-200 bpm 16th notes beats going and with minimal noise.

  6. Morgan (via email)
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I just received me quiet bass drum trigger and it slows for me to practice in my home again!!!!!! Thank you so so so much I have done everything to find a way to play again in my home and your product allows for it. Thank you so so much. I can't thank you guys enough. Can I put in a order for two more? Is there any kind of of discount for returning customers.

    Again this product is amazing. You have no idea how many hours I spent trying to find a way to silence my bass drum module. Your product allows for me to play in my home about disturbing anyone thank you

  7. Jonas (via email)
    After playing them for a while, I can definitely say that they're phenomenal! I've got used to them very quickly, could play them right out of the box. They're also perfect for high speed blast beats and double bass above 240 bpm. I felt no difference in using them or a electronic kick pad eg. Also they're very quiet compared to any electronic kick pad and they work perfectly with my Roland TD-4 and TM-2 module.

    Jonas from Germany (drummer for the death-metal band Eclipse & thrash-metal band Chaossphere)

  8. Pablo (via email)
    Great job you guys, I'm really happy with both the performance/accuracy of the trigger and the decrease in acoustic noise and vibration generated when playing. Also wonder whether helps improving foot technique since there's no energy coming from the heather thus it's all 100% foot driven.

    I learnt from your product because was looking for vibration & acoustic isolation for my e-drum kit, did put mesh heads all over the pads but the bass drum was still a problem. Was about to buy material to build the so called 'tennis ball drum riser' and krigg is a more efficient solution and no doubt much less work & money required. You may want to make your website/krigg product coming up in web search tools for drum isolation, tennis ball drum riser, etc ... Saw a lot of interest out there in building double layer platforms to isolate vibration for apartment drummers.

    Anyway, best of luck and keep up with this outstanding work. Will keep an eye on any new product releases.

  9. Andrew (via email)
    Got my set of Kriggs a couple days ago and I am extremely happy with the purchase. Great response and very little acoustic noise. Well built and work well, I couldn't ask for more.
  10. kurth83 (on vdrums forum)
    The good news is it works perfectly, dynamic range sensitivity is great, it clamps on just like any normal bass drum pickup.

    It is hands down the quietest pickup I have ever played. The magic seems to be in the rubber stop they use, it transmits almost no impact noise downwards, better than anything else I have tried. So that means it is likely to make virtually any pedal super quiet.

    It is significantly quieter than the HD-3's already quiet pedal, and is a lot quieter than the FD-7 HH pedal too, which is slightly louder than the HD-3's.

    So my take on the Krigg is it is about as close to perfect as it can be. The out of the box experience is funny though, they just throw it into a tiny box, no packaging or manual, nothing but an invoice. Since that contributes to it being less expensive, no complaints from me.
  11. Michael Romeo (via email)
    I received my Triggera Krigg last week as I've been eying it up for sometime now. I incorporated it seamlessly with my Roland Handsonic 10 using the ext. trigger input and setting it on the default setting for trigger for the unit: KD-7/KD-8. I made a few tweaks on the kits to change the kick to the sounds I preferred and I was ready to go. As I am a percussionist who plays standing up this product was perfect for me.

    I thought you might be curious so I thought I'd fill you in on how I'm using it. I planned on using this as a lay flat trigger on the floor- with no pedal!!! So I fashioned the pedalmount to lay flat on the ground attaching a piece of sandpaper tape for grip and placed the trigger on top of it allowing the rubber grip of the krigg to hold it in place. I laid it on the floor in front of me in between my timbales and stepped Sounds a bit primitive, I know, but It worked great and was just what I was looking for: a pedal"less", easily-movable floor trigger, that works well with my Roland Handsonic 10. I'd be happy to send you a picture and you may have some other ideas for me.

    The response and the action of the trigger were surprisingly great. At first I got some double sounds on the step off, but made a slight adjustment in my tap and eliminated that. It took just n hour or so of playing time to get used it, but all these years of aimlessly tapping my foot on the floor to the beat have paid off in a big way thanks to the Krigg. I know that me stepping on it nightly is not exactly how the product was intended and I will likely have to replace it every few years, but I am NOT about to complain at the price.

  12. Adam (via email)
    It is outstanding! My old kick trigger was preventing me from playing in my current living situation where night noise is an issue. The Krigg is just so quiet. My squeeky old kick pedel is actually louder than the impact on the Krigg itself. You guys have really created a product that is unique and fills a need that no other product out there can fill.
  13. Wiktor (via email)
    I just want to let you know that i received the trigger today and it works amazingly well with my DTX-400 and very cheap pedal (Basix PD-600). It's really what I was always dreaming about. Only thing I've changed is the characteristic of velocity in DTX module and I experimented a bit with trigger's height. I really wasn't expecting it to be that nice.
  14. Zsolt (via email)
    It has arrived. In one word it is awesome.

    When I took it out from the box I asked: This is it? Bahh. So I prepared myself that it won't be the same experience but I hoped at least it will be quiet.

    After I installed it to my kit I could tell the difference. I mean only if I had to. If my eyes were blinded and I had to tell which one I'm using then I could tell the difference. But it doesn't matter at all. After 3 minutes I just forget it and is completely the same. NEVER noticed while playing that it is a pedal without real kick. The same feeling. It has good enough dynamic range for me and now it is the most quiet part of the kit. It was the loudest...

    It is so straightforward that if you have an e-drum than you don't need a bass drum - just the pedal. Why don't big e-drum companies realize that - I don't know. I'm glad U guys did and I'm glad I found U. :)

    Awesome product. And quite good priced. U could sell it for more IMHO. I would have bought it for double the price. ;)

  15. logihack (on vdrums forum)
    I don't know about kd9, but I can tell you, that I really like krigg. I tried a lot of kick pads in the past. From kd 7, ddrum4, yamaha dtxtreme3, jobeky 18bass drum etc and I would buy krigg again. I got the perfect feel with it. I'm also a drummer who gigs quite often and now I can put all my gear in the back trunk. Yes, I also play concerts with it, without any bas drum in front of me :-)... I couldn't care less about the look anymore. And when you mentioned the discount, krigg is already much cheaper than kd 9;-)
  16. KennyinDundee (on vdrums forum)

    It attaches to your bass drum pedal via the usual manner, just like any other bass drum trigger or bass drum. The good thing is, you can remove your beater from your pedal because it's not needed. This means that there is no impact of a beater striking another surface.

    Acoustic noise

    I personally have found the KD8 I have to be the noisiest part of my kit. I know that other bass triggers are quieter such as the KD9 and some of the mesh head triggers but they still have the thumping of the beater against the playing surface. I have found that its my bass trigger that creates a lot of noise that travels through the floor of my house. Yes, there is still a little bit of noise as the bottom of the pedal strikes against the rubber pad but it is significantly quieter than any bass drum or trigger that I've played on and it doesn't send a deep thumping through the floor. This trigger is a must for anyone playing in an apartment, who doesn't want to wake up children sleeping downstairs or who doesn't want to annoy their other half!


    It triggers excellently! I didnt really have to tinker too much at all with my modules settings but I still had a play. Your playing style will affect your settings though and how heavy your foot is. It registers soft and gentle hits consistently well with a full range of intermediate hits building up to your loudest with no mishits. A superb little trigger!


    Ok, so you are not actually using a beater to hit a drum head of some sort. It does feel a little different playing it. Ive been playing drums for about 23 yrs on and off and Ive always used a pedal and beater for my bass drums. Before I even tried out the Krigg, I prepared myself mentally for it to feel completely different. However, when I hooked it up to my module and played, it only took about 20mins to be totally comfortable with it. It was very easy to adapt to and I began to actually like playing it! Playing fast beats was no problem at all, in fact it was easier than using normal bass drum beater and head approach. Im currently developing my heel-toe technique and this pedal helped to make working on this easier. A piece of hardware that helps the development of skills, technique and ability has to be commended. Well done triggera!


    Well...Im selling my KD8 and will definitely buy another Krigg when I master my double pedal technique!

    A simple but great product that is much quieter than most other bass triggers, saves space and feels good!

  17. thebarack (on vdrums forum)

    I just got my krigg so I can now verify and agree with the other posters.

    It is much quieter than the original kick tower. I had been using a Yamaha KP65 kick tower with a Yamaha DTX-700 module prior to receiving the Krigg.

    Changing to the Krigg, the sound output level was lower/quieter but easy to adjust. I tried playing with and without the redundant beater and it felt better without it, although is was quite funny to see the beater seemingly hitting an invisible object and producing a bass drum sound. No problems with triggering. I tried playing on my Krigg with sticks and it kept up with a closed drum roll without dropping any notes.

    As for ambient noise, I chose a new Tama Speed Cobra pedal, just because it felt faster to me than several others in the store. There is some noise, possibly from the chain drive, but the overall sound level from the krigg plus pedal is quieter than my Yamaha rubber cymbals when hit with 7A all wooden stocks, and quieter than my TP65 rubber toms, but noisier than my XP200SD silicone snare pad. (That silicone is an exceptionally quiet playing surface). There is a very small amount of vibration detectable in the floor but it is negligible compared to when I was slapping the kick tower with the beater. The tip of the toe of the Tama's footplate does not reach the center of the Krigg, but it triggers fine at the edge. I have placed a felt chair-leg pad on the krigg to stop the pedal's chain anchor from wearing away at the rubber pad. This felt has no effect on the triggering.

    Overall it is a great way to drastically reduce the thudding on the floor when playing electronic drums at home, and the Krigg highlights how silly some electronic drums are becoming as they are evolving to mimic the size and appearance of acoustics for no practical reason other than flashy appearance.

  18. Cheddies (on vdrums forum)

    I recently bought a Krigg - and it is pretty damn nice. Its VERY quiet - waayyy quieter than anything else I have heard and night and day compared to my old KP-65. It really doesn't take that much getting used to.
    Its feels a little odd at first not having the 'weight' of the beater, but tweaking spring tension pretty much resolved that for me. Can still heel-toe double strokes on the Krigg after a little settings-fiddling.
    The only down-side was I ended up changing pedal, as my original pedal had no base-plate (just two metal bars) and this made it a little unstable when using the Krigg. Now running a Mapex Raptor and it is amazing..

  19. Espen (on vdrums forum)

    I totally agree with your opinion. It's a great product. I have used my two kriggs for about two months now and I could't ask for more. Especially for that price. It really is very silent. I even changed my direct drive pedals to strap drive and now the kick is clearly the most silent part of my kit. In addition, "AtoE kick drum conversion" with it is super easy.

  20. infragreen (on vdrums forum)

    I was waking up the wife at night with my Roland kick. Then a gentlemen here referred me to the Krigg, so I ordered one. In short, my wife doesn't wake up anymore. It's that quiet; just a slight click when the bottom of the pedal hits the pad.

    It does take a bit of getting used to, but now I like it just as much, if not more than using a beater. I feel like I actually have more control and my heel-toe technique is much improved. I'm not an expert on physics by any stretch, but my thinking is that by removing the beater, you're tightening and speeding the whole process up. It just takes some getting used to.

    In my humble opinion, I'm starting to get the feeling that the Krigg and it's method has rendered using a beater with electronic drums obsolete. As with anything, experience is subjective. YMMV.

    Also, great customer service! I had a bad internet connection, made a mistake and accidentally paid twice when ordering. They contacted me right away to ASK if I meant to do that and promptly refunded my overpayment when I told them it was my mistake. They shipped it that day and it was delivered from Europe 10 days later.

    If you're keeping family or neighbors awake with the whacketa whack of your beater, I highly recommend trying the Krigg. Even if you aren't disturbing anyone and are curious, check it out! $70.00 is a fantastic price. Even if it winds up not being your thing, you shouldn't have any problem flipping it here.

  21. asmwilliams (on 2box forum)
    Just thought I'd share my experience with a new piece of gear. I triggered up an acoustic kit and was having difficulty getting the kick to trigger properly (plus it was pretty loud), so I started looking for alternatives. I came across a few, the cheapest of which was the Triggera Krigg, so I decided to give it a shot. Glad I did! It feels a bit different, but with a bit of adjusting of the tension springs on my pedal it feels pretty good. Triggers WAY better than my mesh head 22" kick. The only downside is that, if you want a double kick, you need to either find a way to attach it to your second pedal or use two single pedals. Once I figure out a good way to attach it to my second pedal, I'll be ordering another one!
  22. Patrik (via email)

    I spent about an hour smacking away on my brand new Triggera Kriggs & Yamaha DD-65 routed into Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.
    The feel of the Kriggs are perfect & easily the most quiet solution to the real thing. I am totally satisfied! Now I just need a Mono to Mono Y-cable so I can do Double kicks & I'm golden!
    Awesome work guys! Now all you need to do is advertise a bit better, I stumbled on to the Krigg by accident on a forum while looking for a good replacement for the crappy kick that comes with the Yamaha
    As satisfied as one can be!

  23. Ales (via email)
    Must tell, that I'm completely satisfied with your product. I'm playing drums over 20 years and after just 1min, I'm totally comfortable kicking without beater. It really feels natural. I have pearl eliminator pedal.
    I will definitely do the protection with felt. I will try to make it softer, I think. Maybe I'm talking about softer impact, if you understand me. Even now it's the quietest e-kick that I have played and I played on lots of them (ddrum4, yamaha dtx treeme3, roland kd7, 18"drum-tec design, 18"ddt, 2box kick pad).
    I read about speed increase with kriggs and i can confirm that.
  24. Stefano (via email)

    I tried it for a couple of hours and I could not stop playing :) I must say that is really great, first of all because it is very silently! I asked my neighbors who have not heard the annoying beat the previous pedal I was using. My doubt was about the rebound of the pedal, but I have to say that it is very similar to the rebound of a real drum. I set the spring on the pedal so that it is harder and I have a really good feeling.

    I will definitely recommend your product to my friends drummers and I plan to buy another soon to train with the double pedal.

  25. Janado (via email)

    I got the krigg a few days ago. I tested it out yesterday with a chain-driven bass drum pedal and two modules: the medeli dd506 and the roland td9. I have yet to test it with a full kit, the roland td12, and a direct drive pedal, but so far so good.
    At low dynamic levels its response is pretty good when connected to the td9 but not so much with the dd506, even with the sensitivity settings at their highest. This is obviously because of the module, which is a cheaper one. As for acoustic noise, when played within a jazz context it's pretty much 100% silent. With heel-up playing there's an increase in volume of course, but it's WAY more silent than the KD9, the dd506 kick trigger, and the DW Steve Smith backstage bass drum practice pad I have.
    So basically, at this point, the krigg is probably one of the best - if not the best - thing to be invented since the birth of the e-drum set in the '80s. Why? Well, because unlike the kick trigger on about 95% of the kits, it seems to be quiet enough to let you practice on an apartment without bothering everyone around you.

  26. Rob (via email)

    Just to let you know I received the Krigg product OK and have now been using it for a week or two. Now I've got used to it I love it!!! It's a lot quieter than the beater I had and still picks up the dynamics of a light or hard kick. I'm using a TD4 module by Roland and didn't have to change anything in the settings at all! The only thing I did have a little trouble with was getting the Krigg pad low enough under my pedal. This was due mainly to the fact that the clamp on my kick pedal, (Big Dog), is quite thick and protrudes upwards, which limits the downwards travel of the wedge shaped pad on the Krigg. I see you increased the height of the ridge in the Krigg clamping plate design on the version 3, which makes this more of an issue for me. However I understand that you would have difficulty finding a happy medium for this clamp ridge feature, as there will be many variations of kick drum pedal on the market. Anyhow, it's all working good enough now and I'm very pleased with your product and glad I ordered one. I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends.

  27. Anders (via email)

    I got my Krigg this week (Fast delivery).
    It was lika plug and play in my module (Roland TD-30) I connected it and in the menu dialed in a KD-120. I believe it will take a little time getting use to play with the krigg instead of one more bassdrum but it triggers really well. As you mentioned in your webpage there is a bit better feeling when adding a furniture felt on the rubber, so as for that I will keep my felt on the krigg. The only minor thing on the krigg is that I think it would have clamped better on my pedal if the metal that connects the krigg to the pedal would have been about 2mm longer (I think it would clamp harder to the pedal), but thats as I said a really minor thing. Over all Im really impressed with the Krigg and I will really tell all my drumming friends about It. Lets see if I ever get the time to try out one of your other triggers in the future.

  28. Wojciech (via email)
    That is it! The "Thump" noise is gone at last :)
    Quiet and VERY sensitive out of a box, simple, reliable and what is also important for me - the same feeling like playing with a beater, maybe just a bit easier. So thank you!
    China will be my next purchase for sure.
  29. Vlad (via email)
    Only today I got to try the Krigg, I was on a couple of business trip then on holiday. Well, it was worth the wait, it's great! It fits my Gibraltar pedal very well and it's very quiet. My only concern is the endurance of the rubber on the piezo element in the long run, I am quite hard kicker (Triggera: "Adding a piece of felt there will keep you safe"). But it is cheap enough to order another one, I guess, if I ever need to. Thanks for a great product!
  30. Ian (via email)
    I just wanted to let you know this product is fantastic and has reduced noise levels to the point where people in the next room cannot hear. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to be able to play knowing you are not affecting the rest of the household or the adjoining flats.
  31. Fredrik (via email)
    I live in a small apartment so I'm always looking for silent drumming options. Plus I'm a real double bass freak so fast and Heavy double kicking tends to make some noise. I've been thinking that a Product like this must surely exist and so I found you guys. Been using meshpads but they still make some thumping noise. Also the Roland kd7 which for what they do are to Heavy and bulky. Really liking the krigg, and with some fixing I can probably make them even quieter. I love playing late at night.
  32. Francois (via email)
    I received the trigger and installed it. That's great! In fact, the noise of the pedal is completely removed. And when playing on speakers and not headphones, I finally hear the actual amplified sound of the kick and not just the pedal.
  33. Lloyd (via email)
    The krigg arrived today, I'm very impressed! It feels very comfortable and has a great sensitivity setting for the attack. I will be ordering another when I get a double pedal.
  34. Anders (via email)
    Just wanted to let you know, I've received the trigger and it works like a charm. Finally I'm able to use my vdrums without giving my elderly neighbours flashbacks to the war. Thanks again!
  35. Aaron (via email)
    I received them a few days ago but didn't have time to try them out until yesterday. I'm extremely satisfied with the Krigg!
    I live in an apartment and I used to get complaints all the time about the vibrations from the kick pedal. Now, it's practically silent and it feels pretty close to the real thing.
  36. Rob (via email)
    Got my Kriggs today. They work super. Adjusted the sensitivity to 25 so I don't have to hit it hard. Problem solved, hope you will sell a lot more of these things.
    Thank you for this nice thing, I am also a lot faster now because I am not afraid to make noise!
  37. Juhana (via email)
    I've been using krigg for a while now and I'm very happy with it. Works really well, especially after pad sensitivity calibration and is much more quiet than the real beater.
  38. Serkan (via email)
    They're triggering very nice and also very silent. Before I was using a Roland KD-120, but with that I often had double trigger problems and was too loud, no matter how the module was set up. So, all in all I'm very satisfied with my new setup!
  39. Christopher (via email)
    It works really well! The only part of my kit that was disturbing my sleeping wife was the Roland kick pad. The Krigg turned the loudest part of my kit into the quietest. I played pretty heavily for half an hour last night and she didn't hear a thing.
  40. Per (via email)
    Been playing with the Kriggs a little bit now, and they trigger very good! The feeling is much better than I expected. I put a little piece of furniture felt pads on (under) the pedals and it made the feeling almost perfect, and they became even quieter.
  41. Matthew (via email)
    This is an awesome product! I live on the second floor of my apartment complex and I've recently been getting complaints from my neighbor below me. But, this kick trigger is incredibly silent! I shouldn't be getting anymore complaints. It also feels so much more responsive than my old Yamaha rubber trigger. I will put in a second order soon for the double pedal. Thanks so much!
  42. Luke (via email)
    I received the krigg and i absolutely love it! And so do my downstairs neighbors.