About Us

Triggera is a small company, based in Europe. We started as a group of passionate e-drummers from three European countries, who have background in various related and unrelated fields. After we realized we have lot of ideas to improve electronic drums, we decided to start realizing them ...

Our first product was the krigg - a revolutionary, noiseless approach to kick drumming.

There are numerous products we're currently developing ... Like, more cymbals, external and internal triggers, hi-hat controllers, ... We'll soon be launching them one by one, so be sure to subscribe to our blog RSS feed, so you can stay updated.

Our logo

The idea behind the logo is to reflect motion/vibrations (triggering), while circles represent the drums (and cymbals) and there are three of them since "tri" (from "triggera") means three in latin.
Download logo in transparent PNG and EPS.

Our Address

Dimitrija Tucovića 63A
26000 Pančevo