internal electronic drum trigger

The dynamics you needed!

  • our unique sensor system gives great response and dynamics
  • side-mounted • no hot spots
  • easy to install
  • easy to remove (no damage to the shell)
  • dual zone (head and rim)
  • for snare drum and toms (works great in kick drums also)
  • works with all modules
  • works with all kinds of mesh or mylar heads
  • external connector fits all 1/2" air vents
  • made of stainless steel
  • perfect for A2E conversions
39 €

Superb dynamics

We didn't want to come up with yet another drum trigger, until we found the perfect solution that proved to work just brilliantly in several applications/environments!
The sensor technology we implemented here - we called it SensoDynamo (patent pending) - gives realistic triggering of the whole drum head, with perfect dynamics and no hot or dead spots. Great for A2E conversions.

Perfect trigger for electronic drums

Works with all modules and mesh heads. Roland (v-drums), Alesis, 2box, Megadrum and all other electronic drum modules (even with Rock Band). Second zone (rim) won't work on some Yamaha modules. Be sure to check your module manual or contact us.

Intrigg V3 - new and better

The newest version now features an externally mountable connector. It's made of cast stainless steel.

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3-pack109€   •   8€ less
4-pack139€   •   17€ less
5-pack169€   •  26€ less

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  1. Unscrew the lug where you want to mount the intrigg.
  2. Place the intrigg over the holes and screw it just lightly.
  3. Position the intrigg 2-3mm above the bearing edge.
  4. Tighten the screws.
  5. Place the external connector in the drum's air vent.
  6. Put the wires in the white quick-connect terminal (black wires to black wire, red from the main sensor to red, and red from the rim sensor to green)
Recommended module settings
Note: These are just recommended settings. Actual settings can vary depending on your drum size, the mesh head, its tightness, your playing style ...

Curve: Linear. Type: Pad12 (or 10). Threshold: - 40. Gain: 8.
You can try decreasing the threshold until you're not getting any false triggers (usually on strongest hits). Also, you may want to increase/decrease the gain according to your playing style.


From user Jeremy Hoyle:
"I've found on my TD-30 (though this should work with all modules) that the Roland RT-10 settings work best - as expected. Set RT-10S for all dual-zone pads, RT-10K for the kick. Threshold of 0 (or slightly higher if false triggering) and Sensitivity of 10-12 works perfectly on snare/toms. Threshold of 0 (or slightly higher if false triggering) and Sensitivity of 16-16 works perfectly on kick - position wherever you like, but Roland recommend 4 or 8 o'clock. With Pearl Muffle Heads, the dynamic range is 8-127, but they're pretty bouncy. A Remo Silent Stroke or better quality mesh drops it down to 4."


From user CattiestPenny:
"Yamaha DTX502 module. Trigger type of 2P : Balance = R49 (the dual piezo setting with boosted rim sensitivity) on the snare and toms. Gain of 50 on the pads, 65 on the rims.
Of note: you should have the snare hooked up to the Tom 1 input and use the triple zone snare input for something else (like an additional 3-zone cymbal). Only the kick and the 3 tom inputs accept dual piezo triggers."

General Notes
  • Place your intrigg at a position in your drum where you can hardly hit it. Generally it's at 6 o'clock.
  • First set your Head zone in the module. Set the Gain so that your hardest hits peak the velocity level. Lower the Gain if you are peaking the levels too easily, raise the Gain if you do not peak on your hardest hits. Set the Threshold so your lightest hits are detected. You only want the Threshold as low as needed, too low and double triggering or crosstalk can become a problem.
    Repeat the procedure for the Rim zone.

What Users Say About Intrigg

  1. Jeremy Hoyle (via our Facebook page)

    Mounted and plugged in my Intriggs (bought a couple of weeks ago) and I'm happy to say they worked perfectly, straight away with my TD-30 (using Roland RT-10 settings and a little tweaking. They look great, too. Very minimalist. ;-)

  2. Taewan (via email)

    Got my Intrigg on monday (1 week as expected), I was just able to install them yesterday and play around with them, such an easy install and everything works perfect, changed my trigger setting to RT-10 on my TD-11 module and some tweaks on sensitivity and I was good to go, I had my 14 inch snare and 22" bass drum converted, and bass drum works just as good as my snare. I will definitely order some more of these for rest of my toms in the future. Thank you and awesome job with the product!

  3. Theo (via email)

    I am pleased to tell you that your triggers trigger amazingly. Both zones on Yamaha snare work perfectly. Never been happier.

  4. John Watt (via our FB page)

    For anyone interested in going down the route of either an electronic or hybrid setup I can't recommend Triggera more highly - I've been waiting a while for my new shells to assemble my new hybrid rig and curiosity got the better of me and I fitted one of my Intriggs to my old piccolo snare along with a mesh head.

    The results are amazing, light years ahead of the triggers that are fitted to my electronic kit. These compact internal triggers are discreet and work incredibly well, I barely even adjusted my module's settings and went straight into Steven Slate Drums 4 via MIDI and had great results immediately.

  5. Coen (via email)

    After learning a lot about the possibilities to convert acoustic drums to electronic (I can recommend the YouTube channel V-Drum Tips), I chose for Intriggs for my snare and toms and the Krigg for the bass drum. I am using a Roland TD9. I am happily surprised by the results. Especially my 14" snare sounds great. Apart from the sound, what is really a huge advantage to me is the great natural feel of playing on big mesh head toms in stead of tiny rubber pads. I am used to play heavy rock, but according to my level of judgement (and 15 years of experience on the drums), the Triggera triggers are also able to deal with high dynamic and more technical playing styles.
    The customer friendliness of Triggera is outstanding! Very quick responses and flexible in problem solving. Because of my mistake (I was not aware of the import taxes, which is actually clearly mentioned on the Triggera website), I created a bit of an unnecessary situation in the delivery process. Vukan was very understanding and helpful. Thanks!

  6. John Maher (original Buzzcocks drummer; via email)

    It's working really good. This is the closest feel I've had to a real snare drum since I started the project. Very pleased with the results so far.

  7. CattiestPenny (on vdrums forum)

    Well, my Intriggs came today and they are fantastic! I'm still tweaking the parameters in my Yamaha DTX502, but I cannot recommend Intriggs highly enough. I can confirm that they work with the piezo/piezo tom jacks. I got impatient waiting for the new kick trigger so I took a chance by using an Intrigg in the kick. I'm glad I did! The bass drum triggers beautifully with an Intrigg. Thanks to the triggera team for making my A2E dream a reality!

  8. Simon (via email)

    All set up and working fine. I've previously tried the cones (dynamics way too dull) and the bridge mounted centre triggers (my heavy hitting son broke those in no time!) but yours are so much better. I particularly like the kick drum trigger - the fine control that you get with the pedal is amazing. I a curently using a Roland TD9 vers 2.0 brain.

  9. haggis-man (on vdrums forum)

    I received my Triggera Intrigg today!

    I converted a 13" acoustic snare a while back to use with my 2box kit and initially I used a Wronka trigger. While this was OK, I couldn't get the triggering as good as with a stock 2box pad so I then bought a Quartz trigger harness. This was/is really excellent apart from one thing, the dreaded hotspot! This drove me crazy so I decided to take a chance on the Triggera Intrigg.

    I have to say the build quality of the Intrigg is far better than the Wronka trigger. The triggering is much better too, probably because the piezo is under the foam rather than on top like the Wronka. I was always getting double triggers on the Wronka no matter what settings I used. Not so with the Intrigg. Two minutes after installation and it is triggering perfectly!

    Highly recommended!

  10. Mike Root (on our blog)

    These are the best triggers I've ever used. I plan to install them on all three of my kits. A really nice and relatively inexpensive product! Very well built! I have not had to use any microphones since I got them, which of course the sound engineers love! When you remove 5 or more drum mics from the stage, gain-before-feedback is greatly improved!

  11. carcare (on vdrums forum)

    I must say that i am VERY happy with the intrigg, a lot better triggering and dynamics than my Hart pro kit . I use meshhead from 682 drums. And a Roland TD-30 module. What really surprised me was how fantastic good the kick was with the intrigg ;-)

  12. Steve (via email)

    Just to confirm that the trigger arrived yesterday. Really easy to fit, it took longer to replace the acoustic head with a mesh, than it did to attach the trigger inside the shell. I now have a fully working additional floor tom working off my Roland module, great stuff. Thanks for a great product.

  13. Russell (via email)

    This is Rusty here in Denver Colorado. My triggers were delivered last week and I have spent some time with them. They were definitely worth the wait. They work great on my mimic pro with very little adjustments needed. I will definitely recommend them.