kick beater trigger

Kick anything!

  • our unique sensor system gives great response and dynamics
  • no crosstalk issues (from snare drum, bass player, ...)
  • better performance than triggers on drum heads
  • ideal for triggering your acoustic kick drum
  • works with all pedals
  • works with all modules
  • works on all drum heads and various other surfaces
  • similar weight as most beaters
  • turn your pedal into a stand-alone electronic bass drum
  • perfect for blastbeats
49 €

The sensor technology we implemented here (same as in our intrigg) - we called it SensoDynamo (patent pending) - gives sensitive, realistic triggering, with perfect dynamics.

No crosstalk

Bix is a superior way to trigger kick drums, as it doesn't activate by means of vibration, like mounted or stick-on triggers. It solves many inherent triggering issues, such as consistency, mis-triggering, double triggering and all crosstalk from external sounds, such as the bass player, snare drum, ...


Your electronic kick drum/pad died? No need to fix it - get a bix!

Made of stainless steel and top quality polyamide, offering high durability and strength.
Works with all modules. Roland (v-drums), Yamaha, Pearl, ATV, Alesis, 2box, Megadrum and all other electronic devices that can accept triggers.


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It mounts like any other beater. Connect it to your module.

That's it. You got a new bass drum!

Optional: you can wrap the jack/cable to the beater with an elastic band or velcro.

Module settings

Set the Gain so that your hardest hits peak the velocity level. Lower the Gain if you are peaking the levels too easily, raise the Gain if you do not peak on your hardest hits. Set the Threshold so your lightest hits are detected. You only want the Threshold as low as needed, too low and double triggering or crosstalk can become a problem.

Want to use 2 bixes on one module input?

Sure you can. You just need an all-mono splitter (like Hosa YPP111).

What Users Say About Bix

  1. Jonas, Eclipse band (via email)
    The beater trigger arrived today, thank you very much for the fast shipping! Both beaters are great for extreme metal drumming with blast beats and fast double bass, also over 240bpm. They are heavier than i'm used to, but i can cope with it. They trigger perfect and work excellent with my Roland TM-2 module. They are defintely better than triggers from DDrum and Roland, which i used before. I will recommend the beaters to other drummers!
  2. Dias H. (via email)

    These are the best triggers I ever used, period!!!
    I already have experience / used Ddrum, Roland and Pedaltrigger triggers, but your triggers are just the best!
    Setup was a breeze, didn't even had to change settings in my module (TM-2).
    Just had to change the distance between my beaters on my (double) iron cobra, because the cable(s) needs some room. I've tested them on both my electronic kit (drumtec Diabolo) at home as well on my acoustic kit (band rehearsal), and they just work perfect!
    Personally I have no issues with the 'extra' weight, as I'm used to play with wooden beaters. Another advantage - over the Pedal triggers for example - is that the pedals fit in my case again.
    One remark though - not a big thing btw: I think it would be even nicer if you could put some velcro strip (or something else) in the package,so you can fix the cable to the beatershaft immediately.

  3. Ian (via email)
    I got the beaters today and installed them on my double Mapex pedal. They are hooked up to a Roland TD-25 module. I have your older version of these beaters and it seems these ones trigger even better. The dynamics are right on, following the velocity of my strikes very well. I like that you eliminated the built in cable which now allows for easy replacement cables when they eventually wear out. Great idea. My module is hooked up to a Bose L1 which sits behind me and this setup gives me the extra punch for my acoustic kick drum I've been looking for. It sounds totally natural and nothing short of awesome. I was using the Axis trigger pedals before and they trigger fine but I just couldn't get used to their pedals. Your beaters allow me to use any pedal I want. I'm glad I took a chance on your company and I appreciate what you offer.
  4. Milos (via email)
    Received Bix v2 today and already loving the product. Works straight out of the box, has excellent response and dynamics. My setup consists of Roland TD-9 module, Tama Iron Cobra 600 pedal and custom kick pad (shell of old mesh pad filled with sponges. BIX gives much better feel than the KD-9 I used previously. Not to mention the significant decrease in loudness, finally my bass drum is the quietest part of my edrums 🙂. Well done Triggera and keep up the good work!
  5. Mike Root (via email)
    Been using the Bix beaters for a while now with no issues. Durability seems excellent. Triggering is of course flawless! I showed the Bix to a GC guy the other day and he also wondered why it took so long for someone to get the kick trigger right!
  6. Bill Maries (via our Facebook page)
    I have 2 Bix on a Pearl Eliminator double pedal going into a Roland-TM2, via a y-cable, after some quick play time I got flawless triggering, they are very sensitive. I can take my pedal to any kick drum now which is a massive advantage for setup time. Cheers to Vukan for hooking me up.
  7. leandro (on vdrums forum)
    Just so you know guys, I'm been using two bix-es in a double bass pedal in my acoustic drum kit hooked to a TM2 and after 4 months or so, they are rock solid. I really like them.
  8. Mike Frost (via email)
    Really happy with the bix, got them on a duallist D4 (the only reason why I couldn't use the kriggs there). Trigger fine via megadrum and very satisfied!