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Triggera Video Competition

We decided to create this simple, unconventional competition.

So, here it goes:

If you own Triggera’s product(s) you can upload a video where you play it/them (along with your other kit pieces, of course). We will reward 2 users:

  1. If your video get most likes on youtube, you get a product of your choice (a krigg, a D11 or a D14) including free shipping.
  2. We will also reward a user with the best drum performance or the video that we (Triggera) find most appealing. Same prize – product of your choice including free shipping.

And maybe if there’s another interesting video by any means, we may reward its uploader as well …

You have to tag you videos with “triggera” and another tag for the name of our product(s) you’re using (i.e. “krigg”). Also, it would be good if you devote a camera for the krigg (or D11 or D14), but it’s not required.

It’s open till 30th September 2013.

And we have a winner, Anders AKA Zourman from Sweden, with his funny commercial video.
Here’s a pic with his prize (don’t know in which hand exactly)