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Product development updates

We’re currently in the final process of developing the krigg V2. It will feature an improved look and finish. We expect it to be ready in ~20 days.

As for the china, the D14 (its pre-production, and probably its final, name), we expect it to be launched approximately in 45 days.

Stay tuned.

Update 29 Dec 2012:

The krigg V2 is finished, tested and ready to be officially launched. We’ll do that after the holidays. Meanwhile, if you place your order – you’ll get it for the current price. After the official launch, it’ll cost 48 eur.

D14 is in the final stage of development as well. The mold for the rubber is finished and tested. We now have to engrave the logos there and test the whole unit. So the first half of January is when we expect to complete everything …

Again, stay tuned.

Update: The 14″ electronic china cymbal is launched!