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Isolating your electronic drum kit

You purchased an electronic drum kit to be able to pratice in your appartment. But then you figured out it’s not so quiet.
Actually, the biggest problem you got there is your kick drum. It creates most of the noise and sends most of the vibrations (if not all) to the floor. And that could be a problem (at least for your neighbors) …

That’s why we came up with the krigg! A quiet solution to your kick drum problems.
You just install it in your pedal, connect it to your module – and you get a kick drum. A super quiet kick drum!

Take a look at this video where it’s compared to a common electronic cymbal:

You don’t need a tennis ball riser. As lots of our customers report – krigg is a more efficient solution and no doubt much less work & money required. It solves the problem – to reduce noise from your drum kit.

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