Converting an acoustic kit to electronic Feb16


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Converting an acoustic kit to electronic

So you want to convert an acoustic drum kit to electronic. Either because you want to practice quietly on your A-kit or you just want your current electronic drum kit to look more like an acoustic one.
Anyway, the main advantage of having an acoustic looking e-kit is the ability to play on “real size” drums.

You can also cut toms in half and double the number of drums you have. Clever, ha? Sure, some won’t agree (toms cut in half = half acoustic look :)

So, all you need to convert a tom or snare is:
1) a trigger (we recommend Intrigg, a product we’re very proud of)
2) a mesh head

You can have any mesh head you can find, it’s only important to tighten it. That way you give the best possible signal to your drum module. In other words, you make sure the first half of the “problem” (i.e. hardware) gets best treatment. The rest is on the module/settings, which shouldn’t be hard with a good trigger and a decent module.

Have a listen to this quick demo of the intrigg mounted in a tom drum cut in half and fitted with a generic mesh head.

Very responsive and has a huge dynamic range. See the details of our drum trigger – intrigg >>

Also, take a look at some of the greatest / most beautiful DIY A2E conversions >>