14" electronic china cymbal

China shaped electronic cymbal

  • high-quality product
  • made of steel and rubber
  • natural swinging
  • superb and even triggering across the whole bow
  • very quiet playing
  • mounts on standard boom or cymbal stand
  • compatible with all electronic drum modules
  • try it and you'll never go back to plastic cymbals
75 €

D14 is Triggera's china cymbal from the Drumadeus series, made of steel and rubber.

Unlike all-metal cymbals, it is extremely quiet, thanks to a special mixture of natural and synthetic rubber. And unlike plastic cymbals, it provides a natural feel with superb triggering and sensitivity.


All in all, it gives the best of both worlds - low stick noise with great sensitivity and high dynamic range, along with "acoustic cymbal" natural feel, heaviness and swinging.

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What Users Say About D14

  1. jayjo (review found on vdrums forum)

    I just received 2x 14" China Cymbals from Triggera. I ordered a couple of Kriggs early in the year and was very happy with them on my brand new DW9000 pedal. I've been anxiously awaiting the cymbals since I read about them on the web-site. I'm slowly building a really nice kit. I've got some custom shells in the queue for Dave to build for me over at Diamond (I cannot wait). Once they arrive I'll buy a TD-30 brain. For now, I"m using an Octopad for sounds. Anyway, back to the D14s....

    My first impression is very positive. I'm in Canada and they still arrived from Europe in under 2 weeks. They look and swing really nicely. Just like the demo video, it triggers evenly across the bow. My sensitivity was set low at first but once that was configured, both cymbals perform great. I honestly haven't played many acoustic kits but they feel great. They are a little quieter than my Roland CY-15R-MG because of the rubber cover. They are single zone but for $100 (75 Euro) each, I really can't complain. I think I'd rather use these to fill out my new kit than BT-1s. Keep up the good work, Triggera. I'll be buying the 9" splash and the cowbell when they are released.

  2. jsm (review found on vdrums forum)
    I'm really liking them. They feel good, they are heavy and you can feel that when you strike them. Fairly natural playability but more importantly, they trigger great! No missed triggers and they don't need much tweaking, just a little more sensitivity levels. Acoustically, they are a little louder than my Rolands and the Yammies I've had in the past, but about the same as Kit-Toys imo.
    I'll definitely consider getting their 17" ride when it's ready, especially if it can be used with the TD-9's ride cable set-up! But I suppose I could always connect it to my TMC-6's edge, bow & bell inputs
  3. KennyinDundee (review found on vdrums forum)
    Got mine dialled in last night, and I really like how it feels when you strike it, heavy, much more natural than any other rubber\plastic ecymbal I've played before.
  4. angr77 (review found on vdrums forum)
    I am really enjoying my D14. The harder feeling (Rubber on Metal) makes the trick. It was extremely easy to dial in and get perfect triggering using a MegaDRUM device. The D14 looks nice - It is a E-China! (Pretty odd and unique - me like!) If I could wish for anything - Maybe add a second zone/switch for cymbal chokes... but on the other hand...the D14 has a great low price!
  5. Mark (email from a customer)
    Whilst researching for e-cymbals, one of my main criteria was that I was determined to buy from one of the smaller manufacturers rather than the big 2. The triggeras are metal and therefore have a good bit of weight and feel to them. Personally, I prefer the single zone of the D11 and D14 and these are such a good price you can afford to buy 2! Excellent customer service (tracking number provided) and a good all round experience.
  6. Alessandro (on vdrums forum)
    D14 is arrived today morning! Really really nice! It swings like real and triggering is pretty good! The cymbal looks fantastic.
  7. Fredrik (via email)
    The cymbals are great, easily some of the best feeling out there. I currently use them with my Roland SPDS 30 Octapad. Really nice. I got a very portable kit with the kriggs and cymbals.