internal electronic drum trigger

The dynamics you needed!

  • our unique sensor system gives great response and dynamics
  • side-mounted • no hot spots
  • easy to install
  • easy to remove (no damage to the shell)
  • dual zone (head and rim)
  • for snare drum or toms
  • works with all modules
  • works with all kinds of mesh heads
  • perfect for A2E conversions
34 €

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Superb dynamics

We didn't want to come up with yet another drum trigger, until we found the perfect solution that proved to work just brilliantly in several applications/environments!
The sensor technology we implemented here - we called it SensoDynamo (patent pending) - gives realistic triggering of the whole drum head, with perfect dynamics and no hot or dead spots. Great for A2E conversions.

Perfect trigger for electronic drums

Works with all modules and mesh heads. Roland (v-drums), Alesis, 2box, Megadrum and all other electronic drum modules (even with Rock Band). Second zone (rim) won't work on some Yamaha modules. Be sure to check your module manual or contact us.

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Triggera Intrigg - drum trigger

What Users Say About Intrigg


(review found on vdrums forum)

Well, my Intriggs came today and they are fantastic! I'm still tweaking the parameters in my Yamaha DTX502, but I cannot recommend Intriggs highly enough. I can confirm that they work with the piezo/piezo tom jacks. I got impatient waiting for the new kick trigger so I took a chance by using an Intrigg in the kick. I'm glad I did! The bass drum triggers beautifully with an Intrigg. Thanks to the triggera team for making my A2E dream a reality!



(review found on vdrums forum)

I received my Triggera Intrigg today!

I converted a 13" acoustic snare a while back to use with my 2box kit and initially I used a Wronka trigger. While this was OK, I couldn't get the triggering as good as with a stock 2box pad so I then bought a Quartz trigger harness. This was/is really excellent apart from one thing, the dreaded hotspot! This drove me crazy so I decided to take a chance on the Triggera Intrigg.

I have to say the build quality of the Intrigg is far better than the Wronka trigger. The triggering is much better too, probably because the piezo is under the foam rather than on top like the Wronka. I was always getting double triggers on the Wronka no matter what settings I used. Not so with the Intrigg. Two minutes after installation and it is triggering perfectly!

Highly recommended!




4 easy steps to mount your intrigg

  1. Unscrew the lug where you want to mount the intrigg.
  2. Place the intrigg over the holes and screw it just lightly.
  3. Position the intrigg 2-3mm above the bearing edge.
  4. Tighten the screws.

Afterwards, be sure to tighten the mesh head as much as possible.

Recommended module settings
Note: These are just recommended settings. Actual settings can vary depending on your drum size, the mesh head, its tightness, your playing style ...

Curve: Linear. Type: Pad12 (or 10). Threshold: - 40. Gain: 8.
You can try decreasing the threshold until you're not getting any false triggers (usually on strongest hits). Also, you may want to increase/decrease the gain according to your playing style.


To be added.


Yamaha DTX502 module. Trigger type of 2P : Balance = R49 (the dual piezo setting with boosted rim sensitivity) on the snare and toms. Gain of 50 on the pads, 65 on the rims.
Of note: you should have the snare hooked up to the Tom 1 input and use the triple zone snare input for something else (like an additional 3-zone cymbal). Only the kick and the 3 tom inputs accept dual piezo triggers.